31 March 2011

Recent Figures

 Two figures I have painted recently. At left, Don Carlos Buell, who led the Army of the Ohio until after the Battle of Perryville. At right, an as yet nameless Union Officer. Buell has not had a Gloss Coat, the Union Officer has.

The figure is from an Old Glory Union Generals pack which includes many of the famous leaders from the Western theater (including Grant, Sherman, Thomas and McCook). I'm pretty happy with all these figs. Buell would be the General that Shiny is ultimately answerable to during this time. 

The Union officer figure is from Old Glory Second Edition. I used a different paint for these figures Uniform Coats, P3 Exile Blue, and  a different paint for the trousers, P3 Trollblood Base. I think the Uniform color is acceptable but I still prefer the Testors Insignia Blue which is darker and tends toward an Indigo.  Maybe with an additional Blue Wash I can make the P3 color perfect.  I have given these figures a rudimentary base treatment to which I intend to add some patches of static grass. In an ideal world I would give all these figures a leaf-litter treatment as seen on Steve Barber's new ACW figures

1 comment:

  1. Pasha

    Those fellows look veeeerrrrrrry good! In my humble opinion, the color blue as denoted in uniform regulations leaves a lot of room for us wargamers - especially with officer uniforms. The depth of "darkness" in blue varied a great deal and faded at differing rates. Thus, your blues look great and more than acceptable to me. I look forward to sniping at Mr. Buell on a wargame battlefield very soon!