01 March 2011

Command Fifth Division, 11th Brigade & Fictionalization

Cards from Dixie: Shiloh by Columbia Games
Shiny will be serving, for the near future anyway, in the fictionalized 59th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Co. B. He serves under Colonel James Fyffe (59th OVI), Brigadier Jeremiah Boyle (11th Brigade), General Thomas Crittenden (5th Division) and General Don Carlos Buell, of the Army of the Ohio. 
Crittenden will definitely stay historical, but Boyle might not and Fyffe will definitely play a role that will little resemble his real career.  I will not attempt to keep the 59th true to it's real life counterpart except to have it follow roughly the same path through the war. 

I have made an initial attempt to use Duty & Honour. It's going to take some time for me to try and not "Wargame" it and let the narrative develop in the style that the game uses. It is making me have some interesting thoughts about developing a very quick very abstract wargame. Which, I'm sure, will come to nothing.

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