17 March 2011

Pea Ridge, 1862

At mid game Shiny's Brigade had
withdrawn to the woods edge.
You can see the two sides skirmishers
facing off near the top of the photo.
I've been attempting to write this for over a week and a half but major work interference has stood in the way..
I forgot my camera and so poor Shiny could not be properly documented (hopefully Gary will forward me a few pics). He was only a Brigade Commander in this largish Corps sized game.

Pea Ridge, 1862
Rules: Guns at Gettysburg
Players: Jim (Price, CSA), Scott Pasha (Curtis: Sigel: OsterHaus [Shiny],  USA), Matt (Greusel, USA), Gary (Jeff C. Davis, USA) & Mike (McCulloch, CSA)
Where: Yankee Peddler Wargames Club
When: 3-5-2011
Length of Game: 5 hours (around 11 turns?)
CSA Artillery deployed in Shiny's Front.
Initially Shiny dealt with the artillery fire by deploying as extended line
and pulling back into the woods a bit (netting a -2 target modifier).

Union Forces 2 Divisions of around 2 Brigades each + a possible reinforcing Brigade (Carr) with small amounts of attached mixed batteries.
Confederate Forces as best I remember they outnumbered us by around 180%. Some of this was a reinforcing Brigade that came on  board early in the game.
Shiny's Lads await the oncoming Rebels just outside the woodlines (early Mid game)
Most regiments which had been deployed as skirmishers were recalled by this time.

Essentially the game can be summarized very quickly:
The Initial CSA Divisions moved onto the table and deployed before a light line of Union Skirmishers. Most Union Infantry was deployed just about 24" to 36" into the table. 
CSA had artillery on a hill to the front of the Union Right which commanded that part of the table. 
The CSA forces came forward across the table, but their right was hanging. Their strength intially seemed to be aimed to the Union center. The Union forces slowly fell back, screening the main regiments with skirmishers.
To neutralize the effects of the Rebel Artillery,
Osterhaus withdrew into the Woods out of sight. This forced
the Rebel infantry to move forward.
On the Union left Matt's (Greusel's) Brigade mainly deployed in skirmish formation and began to harry the CSA's exposed right flank. This turned out to be surprisingly effective as Mike had a hard time maintaining momentum, even after sending his reinforcing Brigade into this sector. As his units would fall back they would be vulnerable to nearby Union skirmishers, so Mike had to keep his flank refused, thus weakening the impact of his offensive.
Shiny kept 2 regiments out front as skirmishers, eventually recalling one. Mike had deployed 2 CSA batteries immediately to his front, but he took some significant casualties from skirmisher fire. Eventually Shiny withdrew into the wood line and engaged Mike's Center with Artillery and close order vollies. His brigade took a lot of casualties and eventually the Artillery was completely destroyed  and a regiment routed off the table, but the Brigade held strong. At game's end the Brigade had withdrawn out of the CSA Artillery's L-O-S
Jim and Gary faced off with each other in the woods to the Union right, but Jim never seemed to be able to cause the Morale failures that are necessary to win in these games.
It was a close run thing but in the end, as in real life , the CSA offensive puttered out as it became overextended and at 3:30 the game was called for the Rebs.
A very enjoyable game, I must say.

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