26 February 2011

Shiny's Stats

Here's Shiny's starting stats for Duty & Honour:

Captain Shiny O'Malley (early 1862)
Irish, Catholic, Merchant, Infantry Officer,
59th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Guts:          3 (+3 Cards due to Hard as Nails trait)
Discipline:  3 (+2 due to Born for Battle)
Influence:   3 (+3 due to Stiff Upper Lip)
Charm:       2

Skills: Awareness 2, Command 3(+3 due to Stiff Upper Lip), Courtesy 1,
Diplomacy 2, Engineering 2, Intimidate 1, Intrigue 1, Quartermaster 3,
Riding 1, Scavenge 2, Siege 1, Skulduggery 1, Soldiering 2

Personal: Individual: Judge Matthews: 1
Personal: Owed Favor  by Captain Heina: 1
Institutional: Officer's of the Brigade: 1
Institutional: The Regiment: 2
Institutional: The Rank & File: 1

Wealth: 4, Fine Binoculars (+1card modifier to Awareness)
Traits: Read & Write, Respect of the Men, Hard as Nails, Born for Battle, Stiff Upper Lip

Personal Experiences thus far:
1. Damned Rebel in Ireland
2. Befriends Matthews family in Ohio
3. Successful Businessman
Military Experiences thus far:
4. Non-Combat Role: Aide to the Brigadier
5. Participated in a wide ranging campaign: The Eastern Kentucky campaign including the Battle at Ivy Mountain

Regimental Honors or Failures:
Battle Honor: 1861: Ivy Mountain
Battle Honor: 1862: Shiloh


  1. This is a great idea. I look forward to learning the background of my "colorful" foe. As for what form this blog should take...

    I suggest putting all ACW related items on this blog with a link from your other blog just in case we miss the posting here.

  2. That's what I was thinking too. Thanks for looking. Look forward to Pea Ridge next Saturday.