25 February 2011

Welcome to my Second Blog.

"At "em boys! Damn their hides, they'll taste steel before we're done with'em!"
Hello this will serve as the home of Shiny's exploits.
For those of you who do not know Shiny is a 28mm Irish-American Colonel in the Union Army. He was originally a Renegade figure with an extra glossy varnish coat, thus his nickname. Shiny is now represented by a Sash & Saber figure (seen to the right at the top of the column). He first appeared in several skirmish games as leader of a company of Infantrymen but has now become the Colonel of a Brigade of 4 regiments from Ohio.

I have just this weekend generated a semi-autinomous Shiny character for the Duty & Honour RPG. Even though this system is really intended as a multiplayer RPG I think it's unique Mission resolution mechanics could be used to flesh out a continuing narrative background for Shiny. So I'll give it a go. I hope to publish either a D&H session report or a Guns at Gettysburg battle report every couple of weeks so stay tuned. I'm not sure if I will post other ACW musings and painting logs on here or not. Let me know your preferences, that stuff could just as easily stay on the original blog.

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