27 April 2011


My favorite CSA flag, the Van Dorn pattern. Good for the Trans-Mississippi 1862,
Corinth/Iuka 1862, Vicksburg campaign 1863, Atlanta Campaign 1864,
Hood's invasion of Tennessee late 1862.
I ordered some ACW flags from GMB in the UK last week and received them today! I don't think I would have received an order from someone in the US any quicker so... they've got my business.
I got 2x generic US Volunteer flags, 1 set of Illinois Volunteer cavalry standards & guidons, 1 sheet of CSA Van Dorn flags, 1 sheet of Louisiana State flags and 1 sheet of SC State flags.
As you know the CSA infantry unit I am completing has been planned as a representation of a well to do SC volunteer regiment beginning to go to pot. But they could represent any similar unit from all over the Confederate States.
Since we are planning to follow up the last 28mm Pea Ridge game with at least one more Trans-Mississppi game it would make a certain amount of sense, but the chances of my CSA figs hitting the table is negligible since I will be playing the Union.
So anyway which flag should I give my cadets? I'll let you vote. In future I will probably buy some First pattern Confederate National flags since they're a good generic. So as they say in Chicago: vote early, vote often!

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  1. If you are really going to create a unit of "cadets" then they need an overly elaborate militia style flag or a state flag of some sort. As a former resident of SC, my vote goes to finishing off your lads as The Palmetto State Volunteer Cadets...